Computer Simulations and Graphics

Combining visual and oral presentations can increase juror understanding and retention significantly.

Jacobson Forensic Engineering's physics-based, state-of-the-art computer simulations are proven, effective tools in settlement negotiations and courtroom testimony.

CPU Simulation

CPU Simulation

Computer simulations can help a jury understand complex situations through accurate visual representation. Forensic simulations allow laypersons to better visualize how events took place. Studies have shown that juror retention of facts is greatly improved by visual presentation as opposed to lengthy and complex verbal testimony.

In order to be valid and accepted by the court, computer simulations must be based on the application of the principles of physics to physical evidence.  A technically accurate simulation depends on highly skilled engineers recreating the scene and motion based on known information such as vehicle size and weight, vehicle dynamics, site topography, skid marks, etc.

Our engineers also evaluate simulations prepared by others to determine whether or not they are scientifically valid.  If you are presented with a computer animation that may not accurately represent the facts of a case, our expert engineers can review the source documents that underlie the 3D model and digital animation to assess whether or not the simulation is consistent with basic principles of physics and the physical evidence.