Event Data Recorder (Black Box) Download and Data Analysis

Modern vehicles utilize sophisticated computerized systems to control safety systems such as airbags, seat belts, stability control, anti-lock brakes, and automated collision avoidance systems as well as engine control. Many of these computer systems store data related to vehicle operation.  This data can assist in the reconstruction of an accident.

Passenger vehicles store data in the airbag control module while commercial vehicles typically store data in Engine Control Module (ECM).

Jacobson Forensic Engineering engineers stay up to date and are  conversant in this changing technology.  We were one of the first firms to present this data in criminal court and we actively participate in training updates.  We have published technical literature regarding the accuracy and acceptability of this data in courts.

Different manufacturer’s systems record operating parameters in various ways.  The interpretation of the recorded data is not always obvious and requires an understanding of the specific system’s limitations.  Jacobson Forensic Engineering  engineers are trained and experienced in the download and interpretation of the data recorded by vehicle systems.