Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

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Van accident

Car flipped

Motor vehicle accidents often result in twisted wreckage, complex tire marks and conflicting witness statements. Sorting through this information to determine vehicle speeds, positions and driver actions requires the proper tools and the know-how to use them in order to determine what happened and why.

JFE’s engineers are experienced and skilled in the science of vehicle accident reconstruction.  We use sophisticated laser surveying tools to map accident sites with the detail required for reconstruction and computer simulations. We employ advanced accident reconstruction software backed by solid knowledge of scientific principles to determine the facts you need to know to evaluate liability.  We routinely download data from a vehicle’s “black box” to supplement our analysis.  Our conclusions are accurate and defensible in the litigation process.

A strong internal peer review process and a rigorous approach in which accident parameters are calculated using multiple techniques ensure that the results are valid and will withstand scrutiny.  Our engineers provide honest and reliable testimony and opinions which are based upon a thorough analysis of the available evidence and the application of well accepted scientific principles.

A hallmark or our approach to accident investigation is to never be satisfied with the obvious. If a motorist is intoxicated, did that cause or contribute to the accident? Did the failure of a tie rod cause the accident or did it occur during the rollover? Is a loss of control during an attempt to avoid an object in the road due to driver inattention or inadequate illumination? Our staff prides itself on digging deeper to uncover the relevant facts beyond what is apparent at first glance.

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